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"We Got Next!"

Join the movement and immerse yourself in a world of comics that finally speaks to you! Next Step Comics is where representation meets imagination, and the journey is as thrilling as the destination. Experience the future of comics today.


Hero to the People

With a mix of heart-pounding action, rich cultural representation, and compelling storytelling, "Patch" promises to redefine the superhero genre, resonating with readers of all ages and backgrounds. Prepare to be swept away on a riveting adventure that celebrates diversity, showcases the beauty of Puerto Rican heritage, and ultimately proves that true strength comes from embracing one's roots


Black Rabbit

Theif of Thieves 

Meet Ray Valentine, a young man torn between two worlds—one shaped by the shadow of his iconic rock legend father, the other entangled in a life of crime as a skilled professional thief. However, when fate catches up with Ray, he finds himself in a precarious situation and is offered a life-changing choice to serve time or serve the government. Choosing the latter, Ray becomes the enigmatic "Black Rabbit," a vital asset for a covert government organization devoted to combating crime. Armed with unparalleled finesse and irresistible charm, Ray travels the world, taking on sinister forces that threaten society's very fabric.

The Unbelievable Tales of
C. J. Pumpkins

The Endless Tale

Following the strange disappearance of their favorite fantasy author, a group of die-hard blerds embark on a quest to rescue their adored icon. However, their efforts take a swift and unforeseen turn as they inadvertently become entangled in the very destiny that befalls the characters of his imaginative stories.

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